– 3 numbers mean how much N-P-K is in the feed 

Start with:

2 gallons of good organic soil mix, fox farm is a good choice in most cases

2 gallons of Perlite

2 gallons of worm castings (local garden shops will have some or know of a place)


1-2 cups of perfered( and costly) feed. You want roughly a 5-5-5 feed. Bags will have these 3 numbers on them. 

1/2-1 cup of sand ( green sand perfered)

1 cup of crushed Oyster Shells

1/4-1/2 of Dolomite Lime

1/4-1/2 cup of Blood Meal

1/2-1 cup of bulb food (3-8-8)

1/2 cup of powered Gypsum

2-4 cups of Manure 

Additives For Vegetation 

1/2 cup Blood Meal (12-8-2/ N-P-K)

1/2 bone meal

1/2 cup kelp meal

1/2 cup bird guano

1/2 feather meal

Additives for Flowering 

1/4 cup feather meal

1/4 cup bulb food (3-8-8) 

1/4 cup bone meal

1/2 cup kelp

Very Basic Soil Mix

70% Fox Farm Ocean Forest and then
10% Perlite
10% Vermiculite
10% spagnuhm peat moss 

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