My next purchase after the SuperLocker was the SuperBox. The SuperBox was a quick fix to the limited space in the germination chamber of the Superlocker. However the SuperBox has more draw backs than I expected. Here is what I found when operation my SuperBox. 

The Box is a good size to fit basically anywhere which is what convinced me to drop the $800 bucks. However I would never recommend this box as a seed to harvest setup. In fact it makes for a better germination / clone chamber than even a vegetation chamber. With its short height I can get two plants in a 3 gallon plastic pot to grow to about 8-12inch in size before I have to move them over to my Superlocker. Keep in mind I do a lot of topping on my plants to help create more flowering spots, this would be a must to get your plants to a good height before starting to flower them. The good news is even with 2 plants in 3 gallon pots I can still fit about 6-9 clones in solo cups on the other side to keep a nice cycle going.  Even with intense topping my plants would still be an inch or so away from the LED light.  

That’s right I said LED not HPS which is what the box comes with. When I first got the box it came with the same larger PC fan and non-carbon filter set-up. Along with a 200 Watt HPS light. Now I just want to be clean I love HPS lights, when I was growing in my attic I only used 600/100 HPS lighting. However the first thing I noticed was the box was way to hot to keep your plants at their desired temperature. Even running the exhaust fan couldn’t help keep the box at the mid 70’s. So once again I found my -self changing things out in my box to fit my person needs. The first thing I did was change the lighting. I ended up going with a generic 300 Watt LED light purchased off Amazon. LED generally runs cooler and helped drop the temperatures to the mid 70’s depending on outside room temperature. I am still running the fan at this point to exchange the air the in box. The next thing I did was removed the non-carbon filter. The filter is big and bulky for the box and wouldn’t allow me to have as many plants as I could fit because it dramatically lowered the plant height when the filter was in. The down side about this is if you are just running the fan, the light will spill out of the box. In my option it’s not bad but if you have to go for ultra-stealth this may not be the best option for you. For me however it didn’t matter, so off came the filter. Since I do not flower in this box I rarely, very rarely have any smell issues. Once in a blue moon I may smell dirt but nothing that draws to much attention. Sometimes the problem is that I know where the box is and what’s inside of it which taints my persecution. Over all I continue to use this box and probably will always have a use for it, but if you want this box to go from seed to harvest, my option is just buy the Superlocker or any model up from there. 

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