When I was shopping around for my first grow box I spend hours surfing the internet looking at different companies, different custom builds, and reading the forums for advice. I quickly realized I did not have the time or patience to build my own indoor grow box. After deciding to purchase a complete indoor grow system I focus more on what people were saying on each company and their products. I became very familiar with how to search all the online forums to find the opinion of others. However most of those searches were useless. People either were very happy with a limited response to why and others were extremely unhappy with limited reasons why. So I went with my gut, and picked Supercloset. I picked supercloset because there Ads just followed me for weeks while I was shopping, keeping them fresh in my mind. Then next major reason was that for the price I was paying I felt like I was getting a good deal. I knew I would have to make some changes based on what I read but the boxes seemed to be well built with the availability to customize as I learned how to grow using them. As a soil grower I really appreciated that they offered the Soil and Hydro options at the time of purchase. This was a huge plus to me! When my first box was delivered it was well packed and shipped. I was off to a good start. I was able to quickly assembled the boxes and they were ready to grow. 

After 3 Years of owning my first Supercloset product I am still extremely happy with my purchase. I recommend this companies complete indoor grow systems to any experienced grower. I also highly recommend these grow systems for a newbie grower or someone with limited experience. I was able to plug the box in, plant the seed and harvest a few months later with no problem. Overall it’s a good product at a good price and I will be buying another larger box shortly to expand. 

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