My first purchase was a Supercloset Locker, this purchase made the most sense based on the size, price and interior grow height. Although I wasn’t new to growing indoors when I made my first indoor box purchase. I was new to buying a turn key set up and learning how to modify my grow according to the box. When I was living in my last house I was able to build a dedicated attic grow room. This is where I learned about ventilation, lighting, pot sizes, soil recipes and much, much more. However as life changes so must your hobbies, which led me to make my SuperLocker purchase. 

The Superlocker was a small but tall compact complete system that would fit perfectly in a closet underneath my stair case. I grew for one year, about 3 full cycles, in the stock Superlocker setup. I was using the 5 gallons pots that were provided. The 300 Watt KIND LED light and the stock circulating fan and exhaust. I was averaging about an ounce of dried flower per plant (only 2 plants per cycle can fit. ) I was topping plants and using quality breeder seed, mostly Indica’s or hybrids. After 3 growing cycles completed while I was tracking the kind of issues I was having. I started my plan to modify my Superlocker to be as Super as it can be. 

First thing that was a problem, well more of a problem for my wife. Was that the stock ventilation fan and filter was not keeping up with the smell. The smell of my plants would be smelled from outside the closet where the grow box was being kept while starting to flower. In fairness the closet didn’t have any AC returns or Vents. However this is typical of most closets in homes. The smell during the full flowering stages would be even worse, to the point where I had to tell my wife when she could have friends over and when she couldn’t. She would also put air fresheners that are powered by outlets all over the house to mask the smell. The first thing I had to do to improve our quality of life was to remove the grow box from the closet under the stairs that happen to be in the center of our home. I decided to add heating and air to my garage. I learned growing in the attic that the outside temperature of the box will greatly effect the temperature inside the box. Which can cause many, many issues for your crop. Although the grow was not the only reason for adding heat and air to my garage it was defiantly the best place for the grow box. After solving the problem of where the box should go in the home, I moved on to the ventilation that is provided. The stock filter is not a carbon filter, I repeat, it’s not a carbon filter. The fan is also a small PC system fan, although for its size it definitely pulled the air out and worked well. My only issue was smell, so I ordered myself a 4 inch inline fan and 12inch carbon filter. You can see how I installed my new inline fan and carbon filter here.

Next problem, well not really a problem but at this point I wanted more plant height for the flowering plants and had to add the 4inch inline fan and 12inch carbon filter. So I removed the divider between the main chamber and top smaller chamber. The top smaller chamber was great for seedlings, however it doesn’t have enough height to even start the vegetative stage. Going from seedlings in the small chamber right to the large flowering chamber really slowed down my grow cycles. I couldn’t have that, so out came the divider creating one large chamber to flower my two plants in. Once I added the inline fan and carbon filter I still ended up with a great amount of additional plant height that I have been taking advantage of ever since. There is only one small problem with removing the chamber divider. You will have to drill holes at the top of the box so you can hang your lights, fan and carbon filter. Although I only had to drill four holes and light does not leak out.  It does remove some of the discreteness of the box. However on the bright side the box is 60 inches tall and I carefully placed the holes to where walking up to the box you cannot see the hardware coming through the top. So it was a win, win for me. You can see how I removed the divider of the grow here. 

Next problem was as a semi experienced grower and using different training techniques my plants were getting root bound in the standard 5 gallon pots. When your plants run out of room for root growth you will see a dramatic effect it will have on your plants above the soil line. This could include lowers yields, require extra watering’s and etc. This was a problem because pots bigger than the 5 gallons couldn’t fit two pots in the grow box because well they were bigger. They were also taller which would reduce the plant height even more. I refused to only grow one plant at a time. I have learned from experience that incase one plant doesn’t make it for any reasons at all I still have another and will not ruin my grow cycle completely. So two pots was a must but needed to be larger. I really wanted to stick with plastic pots and saucers in case of over watering and spillage. However this wasn’t an option after search the web. So I ended up buying 7 gallon plastic bags from amazon. Having experience with fabric bags I knew I could place the bags in the grow box then add dirt to fill them out to the entire space. I was also able to keep the use of my 12inch saucers for spillage, keeping my box nice and clean during a grow cycle. I was able to fill each bag almost to the desired height and lightly push them in the direction I needed to close the door. This was a huge success, adding the additional 2 gallons of soil has done wonders for my crops. You can view the bags I purchased and how they fit here. 

Next up was lighting, let me first begin with saying that the KIND LED light that comes with the Superlocker is great, I had zero issues with it for about two years. I would recommend the light to friends and would purchase a KIND light again. However the theme I was going for was modify this locker to its full potential. The KIND light worked great but was very thick and did cause some leaf burn when the plants would get to tall. Since the grow box was already on a complete over hall I decided to purchase a new light. I ended up purchasing a Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED with LM301B Diodes that’s full spectrum with a dimmable Meanwell Driver. This light is extremely thin and when hung in the box adds a few inches of extra plant height growth. Plus the plants really seem to be doing well under this kind of light. 

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